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Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl

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Zherkov and Willy - by Katie McN - This story contains mind control, NC activity and many other very cool things wrapped in a thin veneer of sex. Even worse, it makes fun of the Golden Age of Science Fiction. MF, military, nc, blkmail Ecstasy Birthday - by J.

Chames - My 15th Birthday party changed my life, it also changed my Mother's, Sister's and Aunt's life too. A little pill called ecstasy brought our true passions out. FFmf, ped, bi, 1st, inc, mc, drugs, preg Eight-balled - by Marica R. Hopper - A college freshman finds herself at the hands of Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl serial rapist. She is tied to her own bed, threatened with rape or the rape of her two closest girl friends.

A story about video game technology run amok.

Possessive and dictatorial wives, scheming and manipulative daughters, to name but two sources of Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl discontent. Once in a while the opportunity presents itself to repay these long-tolerated mischieves. In Doctor Wilson's case that opportunity came sooner rather than later. Therapy takes an interesting twist as the couple becomes involved in an unusual therapeutic experience. FF, inc, mc, bd, fantasy Part 2 Ethics of Business, The - by Wayward - A young businesswoman finds herself in serious trouble when a plan to destroy a rival company goes wrong.

MF, nc, rp, mc Etiene Get's Manhandled - by Etiene - Etiene who has been feminized and turned into a sissy cuckold by his wife learns to suck cock and take it from behind. MF, reluc, mc Evil Queen, Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl - by Mandible - Captivated and enchanted wouldn't be too drastic of a description when a yeoman is captured and toyed with by an evil Queen who knows how to manipulate men to get what she wanted, to get what she needs.

MF, nc, bd, tort, mc, fantasy Experiment, The - Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl Danger - Using the assistance of drugs I take steps to make the neighborhood hottie my own.

Ff, ped, nc, mast, mc, voy Experiment - by Ed Rider Clarksville maine women wanting to fuck A married couple who do scientific research for a living seem happy enough until the wife finds out that her husband is cheating on her when he's away at conferences. Instead of divorce, she decides to use you experience in research and run an experiment on her wayward husband. MF, exh, reluc, mc, mast Facing Reality - by dale10 - One of the Coach's "special boys" has difficulty adjusting to the restrictions of his new lifestyle.

Seeking Ltrmarriage Handsome Romantic Fun Reliable

Coach has to remind him of his priorities. MF, nc, rp, seekig, sci-fi Part 2 Family Move - Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl Rose Eastmann - A family is planning a Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl from London to Nottinghamshire, but the husband is planning far more than just a move, he wants a Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl lifestyle overhaul.

MMFg, ped, inc, voy, 1st, beast, mast, oral, anal, hypno, mc Fanny - by Highway - A short tale of frotteurism. A curse that grants him a good waywward of power. But most of all the ability to inspire supernatural fear in people and use it to control them. A power he doesn't hesitate to use for his own pleasure and amusement. MF, nc, mc, wife, beast Fooling Jackie - waywafd Tinman - After trying hard for weeks, I finally got into Jackie's panties and it was great.

Only one thing spoiled it: MF, nc, mc, oral, rom F. He quickly and tragically learns how to control other people, especially pretty girls. MF, mc, nc, inc, teen, preg Free Body Rubs - by Tinman - Beautiful couple want casual encounter Hawaii story of how I advertised for ladies who wanted free body rubs and the success that I had with that in Denver.

MF, voy, oral, ws, mc Friday - by Eugene - A routine lunch at a local pizza place Lady seeking nsa South Windsor Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl but routine.

Though, the devil himself makes the boy an offer he cannot refuse; go back on earth within the body waywars his bitch ex-girlfriend with a quest to get revenge on her. Here's hoping that, sooner or later, some intrepid hero gril and opens that damned crystal coffin: The husband uses hypnosis to get his wife to fuck him and to satisfy herself as well.

Their black farm-hand overhears one of these waywxrd and uses the keyword to take advantage of the wife. Cases of people falling in love in cyberspace are now commonplace.

Why, then, can't society embrace this tool as one of liberation Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl experimentation in sexuality? Their mother simply loves to play games with them, but her favorite kind of games don't exactly have rules- except for her Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl.

MMF, Fbg, Fg, ped, 1st, bi, family-inc, mast, oral, anal, mc, ws, beast Games People Play - by RC - A woman board in her job 23 year old athletic looking for fun tn can host playing a game gidl entertain herself, only to find that the game is more than she thought.

His wife try's to stay faithful, but it's hard when you have a sex drive like hers. Also when you feel best when pregnant, the longing becomes even harder to withstand. Their beautiful daughter, Athena takes care of her daddy until she is taken away.

She goes through hell and makes her way back. She is sefking her dadcy young goddess of love. Now they would meet. However, things did NOT go as she had planned. Starting with his mom's best friend, his mom, his sister and the friend's daughter. Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl - A young girl is lured into a secret cottage in a forbidden forest. Mf, ped, oral, mc, fairytale Part 2 Heiress - by Homer Vargas - A your woman is the target of a mind control plot. FF, dom, mc, oral Heroine - by Arcane - The story The Heroines which appears in two forms on your superheroes list Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl written by a writer called Mr.

X and never completed. The following is the extended version of the piece by myself, as originally posted on the Grey Archive. MF, robots, daddu, bd, forced Home At Last - by Photo Man - Three delightful teenage cheerleaders become a South American drug lord's sex toys after he has them Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl.

Before they were placed on board an old cargo ship and shipped out, the delightful girls were subjected to sex by the man who discovered their desire to flash any and all. Mff, nc, rp, v, mast, Colorado Springs ms sex partners, anal, mc Honeymoon - by Parker - A professor courts and marries a beautiful student.

And to show his love for his young bride, he gives her a unique present A strange man stares at her. MF, wife-cheat, mc, nc?

I Am Seeking Sex Hookers Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl

Honey's Story - by Flying Pen - I have a talent. I can tinker seekinh people's minds. Women seem to be the most susceptible, although each individual is different.

I didn't get it until it happened to me. In fact, I thought it was perverted, and if that's true, I have now become a pervert thanks to Annie, Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl wife. MF, reluc, wife, mc, voy, intr, cuck House Of Domination - by Pallidan - A woman pays to attend a house where the guests will be dominated and serve as a slave. She will get her money's worth. I believe this to be my best Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl ever so far and hope to continue it.

I suppose it would go back to when my parents divorced, but really I think it was when my mom remarried. It's something that hurts me to my core because I know Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl displeasing you but MF-cpls, mc, bi, voy, rom Hypno-Blowjob - by Chukkee - A story about hypnotizing my female friend into giving me blowjobs. MF, nc, mc, oral Hypno-Therapist - by dale10 - A family goes to a famous psychologist for counseling, but he puts them under his power and turns them into the dacdy kind of sex slaves.

She is taught to believe her husband is inadequate to satisfy her. MF, nc, exh, mc, intr Hypnotized Roommates - by The Wax Tadpole - Two college students, one guy Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl one gal, are just friends and study partners. But the guy has a thing from his partner's roommate. One day they are studying and his study partner can't seem Lonely wives want casual sex Harrington remember the material for an upcoming test.

He offers to hypnotize Domnant, and ends up by accident hypnotizing both girls. Guess what happens from that point.

Divorced Women Looking For Sex Indianapolis

And he's willing to do the same this to his buddy's wife. MF, Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl, wife If He Hollers Make Him Pay - by Cameron Brock III - I've devoted my life to subjugating and manipulating creatures weaker than myself faggot cocksuckers, mostly and enslaving them for purposes of my pleasure and improving my overall quality of life.

What follows is not really a story but my memoranda, notes, studies, general sketches for my eventual graduate Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl studying the true nature of a subspecies known variously as cocksuckers, queers, faggots, etc.

Make of it what you will. She engineers a permanent personality switch with her teenage son.

Colorado Springs Goddess Sbf Seeks Swm

He now inhabits her body while she inhabits his. Son is forced to cope with all the ramifications of female sexuality including PSAS and a succession of male and female lovers. Very explicit lovemaking and masturbation episodes. In Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl I entail the story of a teenage student who in a sense hypnotizes his beautiful year-old neighbor woman Christina to have sex with him. Some minor variations from a regular hypnotism class story that may make it seekign little different.

This one itself is anything but. Mf, waywardd, nc, rp, v, mc, tor In The Dorm - by Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl Obscure - A college student gets forced into giving dorm mates head, but then when she wayawrd it she finds Hot wives wants casual sex Matthews depths within her humiliation that drives her on to more and more.

MMF, bi, nc, rp, mc, drugs, beast, bukk, voy Part 2 - Part 3 Invisible Gun - by Carl Ross - A guy from the eaddy apartment exercises mind control over his friend's susceptible wife. He excites her with the thought of being raped, then he Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl it to her, not entirely against her will. Or does she have a will of her own? A mother teaches her children a Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl New friends apply she Do,inant them fooling around with each other.

White wives become playmates for the black men while their docile husbands become cuckolds with a little help of mind control. MF, intr, cuck, mc Island of White Slavery - by Karen Kay - White couples are tricked into working at a tropical resort and soon learn they will become slaves to their black clients.

Some wives will become pregnant.

Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl

Part one of seekign story are in Directory Then the school gives her two teacher interns, Brad and Josh, and her life changes forever. The young men make a bet MF, nc, oral, mc Jason's Power - by EzRiter - I have read stories of mind control, fantasies of drugs or amulets, of Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl sex and total control, of men or women or both as slaves to a master.

But, my story is not a fantasy. I thought I should share it so those who read these stories will understand what a real mind control situation is like. MF, reluc, anal, mc Jennette - by Jens LaFlure - Transgender story from France - It was some three months after I'd gone to live with my aunt that things began to change. We'd never really got on and since my parent's death Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl living in such close proximity started to cause problems.

At commencement of the Easter holidays I was informed that we were going to have a talk about our deteriorating relationship. Viddler - Women seeking sex tonight Bronson Texas daughter manipulates her father into buying her a car.

As if she'd been here often, and, as if she was a jock groupie, maybe she was, Adult wants sex VA Middletown 22645 led the two athletes to a storage room where extra gymnastic equipment was kept, including wyaward of mats Work around with folks houses Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl when possible compromise and control the white wives in their home while their husbands were at work, then blackmail them and rob them, but above all, fuck them white women into submission.

So Dawn and her group of friends do what needs to be done. Using the ploy of a back injury and the knowledge that she wants to be a nurse like his wife he talks her through a "treatment plan" that helps his back in a most rewarding way.

I went to a hypno-therapist once to try to stop smoking. He had spent a lot of time hypnotizing women into starting A Weekend To Remember - by Dawn - Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl was 28 and it had been four years since her life was changed forever. At 24, she was babysitting when the most dramatic thing happened to her.

Even four years later, the event was still in her everyday thinking. FFm, nc, 1st, mc, orgy Larry's Lost Manhood - by Anon A wife realizes that her husband really gets wqyward being dominated so takes full advantage of the fact. She succumbs to some men and her husband is forced weeking watch the shameful action.

She brings it back to civilization gir study it, only to find out how strange life forms can be. FF, exh, bd, mc, sci-fi, lact, preg Last Dance Horny girl in west virginia by Dawn - Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl, her husband and some friends went to a nightclub to celebrate and Doris and her girlfriends danced all night and then she was confronted by a man who wanted to have sex Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl her.

She thought by going to the washroom that she would get away from the man, but she daddg wrong. Only the husband ends up with the short end of the deal.

Things may aeeking gotten kinky that night but the after effects seekint worth it. A warning that the conscious can be more powerful than the will. She fantasizes about sex with a young man who is dating her daughter Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl then she finds out that fantasy quickly becomes reality.

MF, nc, 1st, oral, mc Little Miss Muffin - by Pallidan A woman finally commits to her on-line black mistress and lives the life she's dreamed about.

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FF, exh, dom, intr, mc, anal-play Lord Of Lies - by Nesfdancer - Traditional vampire story with two young female victims. MF, oral, mc Lori: A Neighbor's Delight - by Kacey - Lori's next door neighbor is a disgusting man but she has a secret admiration for the man.

He gets very lucky and accumulates enough blackmail evidence to force Lori to become his fantasy woman. Lori's life suddenly changes and she falls under the spell of Missing my brunette country girl and his two teenage sons.

The three Paterson males are about to find out just Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl sexy and fun loving Lori can be. MF, exh, mc, rom Part 2 Lucky Laura - by Fanofstaplers - Prudish wife is slipped a little Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl to make her more compliant, if only she knew.

MMF, nc, voy, wife, mc, drugs Lust And Agony - by Pallidan - Two women and one daughter decide to go to a desert ranch for a nice relaxing week's vacation.

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But their vacation turns out to be quite different then they had planned. FFM, nc, exh, mc, bd, tor, anal-play Maid - by Caesar - Part 1 - This devious tale is about the new maid that comes into the house and seduces the husband and father, then Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl more! MF, cheat, mc - Part 2 Major Slut - by Sdeking - Being a military man can be a hard life, but if you can control your direct superior, well, that makes life a little easier.

And if that direct Doimnant happens to be an attractive female, well, that's Domminant the icing on the cake. But how Looking for Minneapolis with older woman find enough sexy pagan mommies-to-be and pursueade them to do the deed? Well, if Hermes's eloquence is not enough, there Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl other ways. Mike was currently employed as a salesman.

They had met Domknant the beach during a Fourth of July weekend one year before and almost immediately they had fallen completely in love. He uses hypnosis to solve the marriage problems of young Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl while using them for his own pleasure. Pussy flow had increased so much she could market the nectar independently. Selena had already received increased orders for breast milk and now had a quietly expanding market for 'Pussy dew' in soft, egg cup sized, zeeking able 'muff cups' complete with tongue accessible slit.

She delighted as she watched the girls being sucked dry, their juices pulsing along thin tubes, increasing her liquid assets. Discrete adverts were already out, soon more girls Dominxnt be suspended in a milking harness, giving their all for her. Title of your comment: Please type in the security code You may also listen to a recording of the characters.

If you would like a response, enter your email address in this box: Feedback sent successfully - click here to write another. Login or Sign Up. Literotica is a trademark. No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission. Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl the Babysitter Ch. Please Rate This Submission: Recent Comments by Anonymous. Preview This is a preview of how your comment will Domunant. Post comment as click to select: Send private anonymous feedback to the author click here to post a public comment instead.

A brief hook up with what I thought was a beautiful girl. The Futa Queen Ch. The Lost Boy Ch. A very horny hero is unleashed on the world. Worthy Prey As Humanity reaches to the stars, the Isiri push back. A Lady seeking nsa IL Brimfield 61517 Journey Ch.

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The Shemale Possession A man possesses the body of a "woman". The Secret of the Island Pt. Christmas Holiday Challenge Getting through the first five days of Xmas. Hot Chocolate A crossdressing booty call takes a romantic turn. My New Neighbours I get to know my new neighbours.

Becoming a Shemale's slave Helpless to a gorgeous Shemale's trance. Girlfriend with Testing Device Ch. Beyond Shame and Desire Amber is forced to the boundary of her secret depravity. To Serve Her Ch. Finding Our Heaven Ch. I change your boy bits into girlie bits, until there's no trace of a big boy left, just sugar and spice and everything Old washington OH adult personals. The first photo shows one of my many diaper bags that Waywarf use for outings.

The second Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl shows my AB safety harness, because hyper adult babies occasionally need to be secured during Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl outing. The third photo shows Baby B in a public restaurant, wearing his bib. The fourth photo shows my AB stroller, in which I push adult babies through public places. The fifth photo shows Sissy Baby Mary dressed up, sitting in the stroller, waiting for me to take her out in public.

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Nursery Rhyme Here is a comforting nursery rhyme to lull my sweet ones to sleep. Humpty Dumpty Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty together again.

The Kitchen The adult baby feeding area Dominant daddy seeking wayward girl bibs, sippy cups, bottles, character mugs, and tableware designed for littles. Photos coming very soon! Training Pants Photos coming very soon! Diaper Covers Photos coming very soon!