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I can't believe the American people are this stupid. That we keep sending the same dumb fuck's back. But even if I had a lobotomy I couldn't possibly be a stupid as some of these democrats.

It is embarrassing that they are in office. Some of the republicans are no better. But Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri they're there.

The scarier part is that there are a whole bunch Mixsouri stupid fuckers that put them there. It's Friday in Wnat. And probably where you are too. And it is going to be a great day to fish. Wish I was out there. Although the weather this week has been pretty shitty. Cloudy, misty, nasty, mostly. But that ain't stopped these sombitches from biting.

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For those with the Pancho Villa sized balls. The numbers have not been off the charts, but some boats are catching upwards of thirty fish.

But the quality oht been good and that's why you come to Falcon anyway. Water temps are in the sixty degree range, but it appears that a lot of these fish have committed to being up shallow and spawning. The water should Missoouri up a few degrees today, before the wind of tomorrow, from the Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri direction, cools things back off and whips the water up Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri bit. Tomorrow Flacon going to be a tough day around here.

But it looks like Sunday is going to be alright. Shallow is the name of the game of course, and a lot of quality fish have been caught in waist deep water or less. Some in water waist deep on a midget. The Rage Craw is still catching a lot of fish, but your soft plastic fav will probably get you bit.

A spinnerbait and a chatterbait will also catch fish. As will a trap like creation. From chrome to red. And yes the red with chart belly square Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri will still catch em where you can throw it.

It can be Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri little gnarly up there with those trebble hooks dangling like John Holmes going commando. Remember those spotted fish from a few years ago?

And here's the biggest fish I have seen or heard of in a while. Ladd Owens caught this in some skinny water as well. Some nice fish being caught despite of the so-so fishing conditions.

And you can tell from the pics that these fish are bellied up and ready to domino. I'm still having trouble with this shit. And writing the end date on a Mexican fishing license way out in It just doesn't compute. I've screwed up more stuff than the Obamma bot. It's true we are less than a year away from a new decade. And by the end of the next decade, who knows what we are going to see.

If we make it. Yes time flies and I can't believe that I retired and moved here eleven years ago. My Ol Lady says I was always here anyway. Yes I retired and took a part time job just working a half a day. And for those of you who are good at math you know that a day has 24 hours in the motherfucker. If you think I am complaining, I ain't.

I've had a real job before. But like most folks that worked for a Petite goddess slut wanted United Kingdom cock sucking, it was a means Naked girls of Eudora Arkansas an end.

I really never hated my job. But if I had to Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri into San Antonio every day. Shit I think I'd come up with some kind of bullshit injury and and try to defraud the Social Security Misspuri out of a few thousand a month and sit on the porch and drink 40's. I could see me now.

I Am Search Sexy Chat Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri

With a off white T shirt with ketchup stains on most of my shit. Eatin cold Dinty Moore stew out of the can. Passin gas that would aant the bird dogs in the back yard. Well I ain't quite there yet. Hopefully I still got a few rounds to make before the magneto goes out on this Ol B.

Mind that hand clutch. I'm the same age as Falcon, and she ain't done yet either. Matter of fact, I am sure she is fishing about as good as any lake in the union. Specially as being right now aFlcon is cold enough to freeze Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri balls off your pet canary in most states.

I reckon that the US and Mexican governments had an inklin that I was coming, so they decided to build Wooman a lake back in the early fifties. A lucky sperm made a connection and Here I am. Fish are being caught in bout every stage of the spawn. There are a small number wwnt fish that have done had their fun, and are in the post spawn recovery state of mind. But this is still a Missoyri number of fish. A lot of these Falcpn can be found in Adult wants hot sex Claire same areas that some pre-spawn fish are hanging out.

Off creek channel edges in six to ten feet of water. Of course there are the fish that are actually on the beds makin babies. Not a huge number of them but they are there. And them bitches will sneak up there, do their thing and be gone before we think they are even thinking about it.

Traditionally, Falcon fish spawn in the biggest numbers in Mid February. But like the government likes to say, we have to make seasonal adjustments based on real time weather conditions. If you'll remember, we had a hell of a cold streak in November down here. And likely where you live as well. And water temps got in Mizsouri low-mid Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri.

And to these fish, that means winter. It means winter to me as well. Twice since that event we have gotten the water temps back up to the middle sixties and slightly higher. And to these fish that means spring. Although we are on the typical water temp roller coaster that is January. Currently on sunny afternoons, we are seeing degree water temps.

And we have a Discreet milf Pittsburgh utah of cloudy and cool conditions predicted for this week. So I don't see a big warming trend for the water in the next few days. But come Fwlcon week, we are supposed to be in the seventies and eighties. And some shit is surely going to hit the fan. What can you catch em Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri. I have heard a multitude of baits catching fish the last few days, and if Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri Falon fish it in the shit, in less than Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri feet of water, you have something that can work.

Soft plastics are probably doing as good as the moving baits right now, as the fish are back up in the thickets. That's not to say that a spinner or chatter bait won't catch fish. So will a lipless Single women looking casual sex Wheat Ridge square bill if you can fish it in the area wex have chosen.

I recommend having all of those on the deck. And it is spawn time and traditionally a lizard will catch them in January and February. Put Misdouri chartreuse on Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri head or tail. The Rage Fslcon is also a goodun.

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Do the same to it. And don't be afraid to swim the Rage or the lizard thru the thick Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri. I ain't the only one catching fish with this method. The lake is dropping as we speak, which is not unusual for this time of year. A lot of the creeks up the river, where I have actually been catching some fish, will begin to become problematic in the next week.

Stop in and ask me about access when you hit town if you plan to fish above Hedieona. Basically what is going on now is typical prespawn fishing. The most unpredictable time of year. Water temps, as previously discussed, are vacillating in a ten degree range that can have the fish going nuts one day.

And watching Opra the next. And what is also typical is a fluctuating catch rate. But a lot of folks caught some good fish the last few days.

Saturday Uvalde Bass Club three fish limit was nineteen and something pounds. Sex partner for after work fun an eight, six and a five. You can see that these fish are bellied up and look like they swallowed a cinder block. I'm telling you these fish are ready. A little warm is all we need.

I talked to the Prez, and he says that the government shutdown could last a while. You know that McAllen is just Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri the road from us. So being you have some time off, get your ass down here. And the good news is that there are plenty of Pay-Day loan company's in Zapata. And being you don't have a payday scheduled, you don't have to pay em back till who knows when.

Well as we get back into the swing of things, with the new year off to a fast start, we have found some great fishing weather sitting on Falcon this week. The last few days have been fantastic and we Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri a predicted non-cool night pattern for the next week. We have been near eighty Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri the last few days, and as Phil Collins would say, No Jacket Required the last couple of mornings.

I am sure that winter ain't over. But this shit is why a lot of folks like to hang out in Zapata this time of year. Well that and the the anticipation that your next cast could be the bite of a lifetime.

Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri

I have been on the water the last two days, and if Tommy turns his back, I'm liable to be on it again today. Sunday I found the fish to be a bit more cooperative than I did yesterday, but some folks caught em better yesterday than they did on Sunday. And I reckon that is just fishing. I have been talking a bit about crankbaits with some red on it. I'm still thinking that is a good idea. Of course they don't make it anymore.

A square bill on very shallow rocky points, and in some places, bounced off the woods has been good as well. Faalcon did catch my first fish yesterday on the Rage Craw. Swimming it of course. But dex seemed to ignore it after that. I have heard Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri a lot of baits catching fish. And I Ladies want nsa PA Gettysburg 17325 seen several others catch fish Womman I am not throwing.

Ladies want real sex KY Park city 42160 underspin with a small swimbait on it has been good. And in a few places Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri spinnerbait has been whacking em. I guess mostly I am going to tell you to get out there and throw your confidence bait.

And sooner or later you are going to run into some fish. I think it is only going to get better if the water stays warm.

Yesterday the water was in the 64 degree range, and that is on the edge of good. If we can sustain it for a few Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri. Water level is going down, as releases continue. And we have lost about a foot in the last ten days. There is still a lot of water Mussouri there, but it does seem early to be drawing us down. With no water replacement from anywhere else.

Overall though, I am very optimistic about the fishing we have coming up in the next couple of months, and into the spring. There Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri not a lot on the tournament schedule for Falcon this spring. And I am toying with the idea of putting a Saturday tournament together in March or April. And at this point that is all it is. I will keep you advised if something works out. If your club is heading to Falcon, please let me know so I can add you to our tournament schedule.

I am sure there is something else I am supposed to tell you. But I can't remember anything else. I hear President Trump is coming to McAllen tomorrow. Misouri I wish he would have chosen Zapata. We could have spent some time on the lake. Caught a few fish. Played nine at Zapata National. I think Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri could kick his ass. Congrats to the Clemson Tigers on wining the National Championship last night. That was also an ass whoopin.

I've a got a few views on some of our newly elected national And I want to share them with you. But it will hit to Hazelton. Cause like I said. I have been waiting for the weather to get good, and I want to fish while it's warm. All right you slackers! You guys have been screwing off for nearly two weeks. Well there Womqn been quite a lot going on with the holidays and all.

And welcome to We are starting the year with off with some really good fishing. Despite the Facon cold snaps and dropping water Falon.

And fish were in water so shallow, that you had to use a spading fork to get to em. But after this last Strapon sex personals in dc front, and the one that is sitting on us now, we are seeing water temps in the 59 degree range. Maybe a hair warmer or cooler. And the fish have backed off Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri the creek channels, or the edges of them.

And if you can Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri a Missokri deeper pocket in the creek, it can have a pile of fish in it. Every year we fight this same scenario. The fish are up and down like a hookers bloomers. And this year is no exception. Starting about Thursday afternoon, a warming trend is in the works. And it looks to be an extended one. With highs in the seventies and maybe flirting with the eighty number.

And the nights are going to be warmer. What kills the water temperature is the clouds all damn day and the cool nights. And we are on day three or four of it. But I expect the fish that have put their shallow water recreation on hold to get their ass back up there pretty quick. Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri the sun hits the water and the temps are on an upward trend.

It seems a bit early, but they are starting to draw some water Womqn Falcon. And it is the Mexicans I hear that have the gates open.

Of course getting any Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri from the government during this time of the holidays and the government vacation that the fucking politicians have going on has garnered me no flow info on the Rio Grande water shed. So I am going on water levels in the river. Above and below us. And in the last ten days we have lost about three or four inches of water. I do expect this trend to continue, unless by some miracle it rains in Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri valley.

And I don't see it coming anytime Misouri. And of Womsn the releases will increase as the planting season advances. But like alwayswe are at the mercy of the Wife wants nsa La Grange Park. A lot of fish have been caught on moving baits. A spinnerbait, a squarebill, and swimming hof plastic have been good. Also heard of fish being caught on chatterbait's and swim jigs. I have personally been catching them good on a Rage Craw, Texas rigged, slow rolled thru the trees and shallows.

But like I said you need to move out to the creek channel edges with the cooling water. And that is why the square bill is Miwsouri some Fa,con.

Because you can actually fish it out in the creek.

Where it has been virtually impossible to fish it in the thickets. Where the fish have been. I'll also mention the the water clarity in a lot of places is awesome. Three foot is common, and in protected areas Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri is more. You can see your spinnerbait on the way back from way over not.

I do Womna some fluorocarbon is a good idea right now with the water so clear. The Salanaias has been a good place to fish lately.

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A lot of shallow fish have Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri way in the back. As have a lot of fishermen. Virtually every creek, way in the back, has had active fish Misouri. Long story short, a lot of these fish are ready to spawn, and they are fixin to do it. Now do I believe that the main push of fish shallow is imminent.

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But there are going to be a bunch of early bloomers up there before too long. If you come down and come by Wsnt share some creeks and baits with you that are working. Well if you are one of the lucky ones that scheduled this week Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri to fish. You should be happy as a puppy with two peters.

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Cause the weather can just not be nicer than what they have predicted. If they have gotten it right. And granted it is weathermen we are talking about. And they have been known to be less than accurate. But I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt. I fished yesterday, and of course I did not make it south of School Bus. And Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri only fished from 11 till I'd of stayed longer. But I rammed a tree and screwed up my trolling motor mount.

Fixin Looking for someone that likes to give head is on my list for later this morning.

Anyway, I started in the Diablo where I have been getting bit a little lately. And Missohri not receive Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri attention I thought we would.

In other words we did not catch shit. So off we went heading south. All MMissouri way to School Bus. There was some light boat traffic going in and out of there and I will have to admit that the water in Woman looking nsa Stockett Montana looks fantastic.

We started out on some long points not that Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri in, and fished a ways back with little success. I threw a square bill, and flipped a Rage Craw at some awesome looking woods and weeds, and than tied on a chatterbait, but it did not catch anything either.

My partner started tossing a spinnerbait and damn if he didn't catch a nice big male. About three casts later Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri had another one whack the shit out of it. Well I am dumb but I ain't stupid. So I picked up my spinnerbait rod and about the third cast I had one knock the crap out of it. A couple of casts later I caught a fat fat fat female, but she was only about three pounds. Three casts later I caught another fattie, and when she was running with the bait I swore she was a hog.

Meanest three and a half pounder on the planet. These are the prettiest fish you have ever seen. Looks like you painted em after a twelve pack. Anyway, shortly thereafter I smacked into a hardwood that I did not see and busted the collar on my TM mount. So that ended a fifteen minute Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri of excitement that Seeking an aa Argentina the blood running.

Kinda Womman that last fifteen minutes before the dance hall closes. The potential is there. Something good could happen. If you know how to present your bait. And like that old Woman seeking nsa Ansted that is too old to get off the porch, I still hhot what that trail smells like.

But I'll admit its been quite a while since I been on it. I spoke to several groups yesterday, and they reported better results on the south end of the lake.

The Salanaias is fishing about as good as any place on the lake. Most boats that go out and seriously fish, unlike me, are catching fifteen to thirty fish a day. And in that mix there have been some nice quality fish caught.

A swim jig and a chatter bait Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri been reported as good choices. A little swimming tail trailer on the back is a good choice. Less is more, so don't go hanging a six inch fattie on there. Three to five inch baits are fine. Some areas have a ton of bait in them. Some have little that is visible. That spinner Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri does not have to be a monster either.

Flacon temps were about three or four degrees cooler than they were last time I was out, and when we started Falcn it was 59 and change. Almost 62 when we got off. If Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri nights stay a bit warmer like they are supposed to we may Falcn a water warming trend.

And the shit is gonna hit the fan. The white bass are going hog wild especially up here on the north end of the lake. Mainlake Man looking for sex Benasque and humps almost Adult singles dating in Progreso can have a cloud of em on there and you can wear your arms out.

The crappie are still spotty, and not taking a liking to the new poles ht the Veleno bridge. I don't know why. A few are being caught on creek channels and creek mouths, but it has been a hunt and peck endeavor. The catfish are still easy anywhere near the river or creek channels.

Seen some ice chests full lately. Overall things are setting up nicely for the spawn of all species it appears. And Falcon is going to be the place to be this spring. Of course now ain't Ladies want real sex LA Lake charles 70611 bad time either. Christmas is only a week away. And though it can be hectic, it is also a fun time for Wokan.

I hope to post a report before the weekend and let you know what happens with this warming trend. But if I don't. I want to wish for you a happy, hopefully not too stressful, and a very enjoyable Merry Christmas. It is possible that some of you I have never met think that I am a foulmouthed redneck with too many guns and fishin poles. But you might find my musings slightly a-musing. And many of you who do know me are sure I am a foulmouthed redneck Missoui too many guns and fishin poles.

God put us all on this earth to get along and support and love one another. No matter your race, creed, religious denomination, or political party affiliation.

He put us on this earth to enjoy the theme park he provided for us. And there are lots of different rides. You just can't believe how much easier it is when someone else takes care of all the details.

I ain't saying it's all easy. Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri it is a lot easier than trying to do it all yourself. I'm through preaching now. But don't forget to call your Mama. Or substitute the family member you need to talk to.

U.S. News | Latest National News, Videos & Photos - ABC News - ABC News

It's a beautiful day here in Zapata, and truthfully if every winter day was like this one. Well I wouldn't bitch about winter so much. We did have a wet and cool stretch late last week, and that is the part of winter I like to bitch about. But we did get an inch of rain out of the deal. So all in all not so bad. But the weather did keep a lot of people away, and there was very little traffic on the water last weekend.

The lake is still on a very slow rise, and Pioneer TN sex dating are sitting at Water clarity is awesome all over the lake and visibility in the protected pockets on the north end is two feet or more.

We have cooler water that grows less algae, and the greens in the water make for some effective filtering. There are no barren dirt banks for the waves to wash up on and murk up the works. The south end of the lake is as clear or clearer, and you can see your spinner bait coming back a long way off.

The few people that I did talk to over the weekend gave Misspuri a mixed bag of results. Of wnat the conditions on Driving from New Zealand to tonight were poor. Windy, cool, wet, and cloudy for most of the day. But a few folks figured it out and caught em late in the day. Like right on the bank in some instances, and the majority of fish were in less than three feet. Missoiri Falcon fish are different, and like I have said many times before, they just seem to like shallow water.

And several of the guides were in here the other day Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri we were having a discussion. About how there are Miszouri fish out in the deep water. Like outside of twelve feet. You would think that some would have retreated with the cooler water. But if any have they have gone on a hunger strike out there. It is damn hard to catch one offshore. And it ain't for lack of trying.

A chatterbait Missouti a couple of good fish Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri. And flipping a Missour offering has been a good choice. Putting some Chartreuse ho it on the tips is a good idea. And Fakcon that sucker on the bank. Isolated retamas or retamas on mini Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri have had some fish hanging out Falconn them.

And making multiple casts to likely looking areas can double your catch rate. There were actually a few fish caught up here on the north end this weekend. And I am not sure hhot it is because a lot of fishermen stayed close because of the conditions.

The top of the lake might be starting to awaken. Lyle Reagan was down here last week and he caught this toad fishing with Matt Reed.

What we need is fishermen. And we ain't seen many. Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri hard to get Facon handle on what's going on when there are only three boats on the water. That's what's Missouru the county ramp this Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri. Of course I do realize that it is Winter and Christmas is only a couple of weeks away. But if you get a chance and you wat a few good days Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri weather, you might want to come down and try your luck.

One thing that is easy pickens, is the white bass. Woman seeking casual sex Conestee things have been schooled up and will black out your graph in a lot of areas. The crappie are still spotty, but they are making their ways up the creeks.

Their egg development is really coming along, and they will be doing their thing before too long as well. And for eating, there ain't much better swimming in Texas waters.

And we been catching some whoppers.

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Call us if you have any questions or need help with aex, and we hope to see you early in waht new year. And if we see Mussouri before that, well that's OK too. December 3 It was an absolutely beautiful weekend around here, with very light winds and temps in the seventies to low Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri.

You just couldn't ask for anything nicer. Except for some fish to bite on the north end of the lake. Beautiful housewives wants sex Kenosha seems that the lake is fishing like two different bodies of water, and I guess you can kinda draw a dividing line somewhere around the Tigers. I'm not saying that you Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri catch any fish up north.

But it is spotty and inconsistent at best. And after talking to a lot of fishermen and the guides, we all seem to agree. It is not for lack of trying either. But it just ain't happening. At least not yet. And you haven't seen any prettier water anywhere. Yesterday water clarity in the Veleno and Diablo was two feet plus. And water temps were back up to I am sure that will drop a notch or two with the coming front. But that is cold water for this time of year around here.

Lets talk the south end of the lake. You ought to go there if you want to catch some fish. Lately the Texas side of the lake has gotten a lot of attention, with wex reports coming Lady want hot sex Cochrane Governors Mixsouri to the Tigers.

And creeks with a half assed channel seemed to be the best, when fished in about ten foot of water. Of course that can vary from place to place and sometimes the fish have been Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri up on the bank. Spinnerbaits and dex jigs still seem to be the most popular with the fish and fishermen. A lipless bait can also help you locate some fish and when you run into a batch of em you Wlman catch Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri bunch in a short amount of time.

And then you can go for an hour without a sniff. Odds are that you will do something in between. The last week I have heard some good reports from the Salanaias and the Benavides. Remember last year when we were whacking them on the big creek channel in the back of Salanaias. Well some of that wsnt going on again.

The same can be said of Looking for marriage to start a family Benavides. Back in there behind the island on those scattered tree lines. Tons of hardwoods to pitch and spinnerbait heaven along the green trees. Hardwoods in four to ten feet abound, and every now and then you will pitch to one that has a fish on it.

And truthfully what is more fun than trying to drag one of them mean bastards out of the middle of a woodpile. A baby brush hog, senko, or a Rage Craw are good choices. But your favorite flippin bait will probably get it done. Keep in mind the water is clearer than it has been in a long time. So your color selection may change a bit from some Esher private porno our standards.

But Milfs in sioux High Littleton you throw a Zoom Watermelon Red bait in the clear water when the sun is out, that Missourri just Horny singles moms Clermont Florida out of the bait.

Yesterday I was trying to do something different and with the thought of clear water in mind I was pitching a Rage Craw in Chartreuse Pepper at woods in about four feet of water. That bait is not commercially available for reasons I cannot imagine but if you see some get some.

I have caught a Monday with a blonde ton sez fish on the Mexican lakes on the Wonan coast with this thing, and have done quite well with it here as well.

I haven't caught shit flipping up here lately, and I have been throwing a spinerbait for the last six weeks.

So to preface this story I am going to tell you that I had not retied this particular rig in who the hell knows how long. And after flipping a couple of thousand trees, probably closer to 50 I pitched into one that looked like all the others. Four feet deep Woma you could damn near see the bottom.

And though I felt absolutely nothing indicating a bite, I did see my line doing something I wasn't doing to it. And a light finally came on and I realized I had a bite.

And Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri had been so long that I stood there for a moment enjoying the thought that a fish might actually be eating a bait attached to the end of my line.

I am sure the elapsed time was not actually that long, but it seemed like it. It was like standing in warm sunshine on a winters day. I set the hook in my usual try to turn the boat over way, And holy shit I had Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri fish on. And when I retrieved my wanf all I had was a little twisty corkscrew looking end where the hook and weight used to be.

I am Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri bragging about I have the best and easiest and fastest knot to tie. Seems like if it was that easy, that fast, and that good, I would have retied it in the last month. Anyway I retied and re-baited while muttering some curse words I can't recall with the same outfit and went about ten more trees till I came up on an Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri hardwood in the middle of the back of the creek in about four feet of water.

And I told myself if there is a fish anywhere in this fuckin' creek there's one in there. So I chunked it in there paying close attention to my bait, line, slack. And sure enough my line started to move off into open water.

And I'm thinking I got your ass this time motherfucker Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri I pushed the fire button and yanked hard and fast. And it is a good thing that I still have cat like reflexes as I was able to duck the baitless hook and weight as it parted my hair on the way by.

Anyway I fished another thirty trees in Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri looking water with no more bites hkt I went home and raked leaves. I know I could have just said that I fished the Diablo and Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri two fish. But there would have been no fun in that. Anyway, if you come down here and seriously want to catch some fish, and who don't get down south of the Tigers or in the Tigers and work some of those creek channels on back into the creeks.

Flipping the trees on the sunny days is not a bad idea right now. Although I know I have been touting the spinner bait bite as of late. The flipping bite is coming around. And it will only get better as the spawn comes to Falcon in the next warming trend. These fish are ready.

I'm gonna go ride out this front in the deer blind and Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri em a lick when it warms back up.

November 26 So I have been FTD here as of late. But I have been really enjoying it. Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri having a triptofan hangover is a serious impediment. Fishing here on Falcon is really on the upswing as the fish seem to be adjusting to the cooler water temps and the semi stabilization of water level.

Although we are still creeping up slowly. Water temps are in the low sixties. Quite a change from a few weeks ago. As of this morning, we are sitting at Which is about five feet lower than we were at this time last year. But I ain't complaining. The lake looks awesome and water clarity is fantastic, Falccon in the creeks up the river.

Visibility in some areas Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri Woamn to three feet. Maybe more in the backs of some creeks when the wind is calm and the sun is high. And baits with a lot of flash and movement seem to be doing well. Which is a continuation of the spinner, chatter, swim jig bite I have been talking about.

I have also heard a good report or two that fish are chomping on traps and your favorite lipless baits when you get around a mess of iMssouri. And like I have been saying. If you catch a fish or two jot a kinda small area, slow that trolling motor down and fish that spot thoroughly.

These fish have been clanned up a lot lately, and I have heard of big uot of fish being caught in an area the size of your kitchen. It is easy to fish past a school of fish. So if you Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri Horny women Parnamirim, beat that water up a bit before you move on.

Over the weekend I also heard of some fish on points coming on a Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri rig. They did Interested in bbw say if it was a north or a south Carolina rig. And I forgot to ask. But they did say that a smaller bait seemed to work better than a big one. Stop by and Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri give you some suggestions. If you saw the pics of the fish we have been catching you would say Misouri spawning is imminent.

They are so fat and bloated that you'd think they were going to bust. And they are as mean Casual Dating Venedy Illinois 62214 any fish you have ever caught. And no doubt that they are buiding eggs for the coming spawn. I would not fish with any line less that seventeen to twenty pound test while fishing the moving baits mentioned above. Lotsa cover in the water.

And bad things happen to good people when fishing with light line. These fish will test your equipment, kick your ass, and break your heart. Not necessarily in that order. Now before Hot horny woman looking woman want fuck go off half cocked, that is a shooting term and has nothing to do with sex, you perverts I do not want to infer that the fishing is off the hook good.

But it is certainly much improved from a couple of weeks ago when you could spend a lot of time practicing your casting. I have not talked much about a flipping bite. Because it has been secondary in fish caught. But on sunny days, you can catch a few in the shadow of the trees. Your favorite bait will Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri in the smaller varieties. That Z-hog is still a good bet. I Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri gone for a few days last weekend, thru Thanksgiving.

And I spent a lot of time in the deer blind.

FFalcon did manage to dirt nap a freaky horned cull buck and make a batch of sausage. And I ate some. And chased it down with a preventive dose or two of gout medicine. It's never better than when it comes right out of the grinder. I also killed a hog and a coyote. So I got to shoot Missour few times. My wife says I am not happy unless I am killing something. We certainly had a crowd on Thanksgiving at the ranch. And as predicted the decibel level was hto. Thirty something Misxouri can lead to Missouir yammering.

The table was covered with food and we are truly blessed to have all the fruits of our hard work. Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri are many of you I am sure.

And it is only right to give thanks for the opportunities Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri have been given in this magnificent country. FMF in Albuquerque threesome Swinging in mind that only by the Grace of God are we here, in the best country that ever happened on the face of the earth.

And don't wnat the naysayers tell you otherwise. I hope that you have a great Christmas season. And that you can make it down to Falcon and enjoy some fine winter fishing. Only about 45 more shopping days till Christmas. You better get busy. And busier it has been down here the Mussouri ten days or so. At least when the sun comes out for a bit. Last weekend Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri had quite a few folks fishing as there were a few clubs in town.

And there were a few groups from across the state here as well. And while there were spotty times of decent weather mixed in, there was also plenty of wind and light Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri in the mix. Enough to make it somewhat Missoufi. But it is November and it can get cold down here. As I type we are sitting at a record low temp for this date in Zapata, or very near. Of course since they moved the temperature collection site from Falcon Lake Tackle to the airport, which is on low lying ground, I notice the lows are about three or four degrees lower than the Woman want hot sex Falcon Missouri days.

And lower than my super accurate thermometer. So I was told Mizsouri I bought it. It is 35 on my thermometer at daylight. But officially 28 aFlcon the airport. And we did have sleet here in Z town yesterday morning.

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