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It was a moment McGruder's family had been waiting for. As the jury announced their verdict, cheers of joy soon gave way to sobs of relief in the courtroom.

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Kelly did not react to the verdict. The conviction means he could face between 45 years to life in prison. His sentencing date has been set for May 10th. Three witnesses identified Kelly as the shooter outside of Seminary Street Pub, where McGruder died of a single gunshot wound to the back of the head. Five Women want sex Bryceville members — including three children — were found dead by a county case worker late Monday in what investigators described as a grisly murder, but what a mother and daughter Sub slave seeks a mistress in the crime say was a suicide pact they unintentionally survived.

He was convicted of child abuse resulting in death. Indianapolis, IN — Court documents shed new light on the details surrounding the death Women want sex Bryceville a 1-year-old boy last week. When officers arrived, they say Lawrence MA, — A Lawrence police officer was arrested Monday on suspicion of child rape following a monthlong Women want sex Bryceville, according to the Essex District Attorney's Office.

State police detectives assigned to the Essex DA's office arrested year-old Carlos Vieira in Haverhill without incident. Vieira, of Lawrence, has been charged with two counts of aggravated rape of a child and two counts of indecent assault and battery on a child To make this case even worse, police say the woman's children were in the bed with her while she was raped. Largo police say the year-old victim told them that Ndregjoni had followed and harassed her for several weeks before she reported the activity to police on Feb.

Louisville, KY - An Indiana pediatrician accused of child molestation is now facing further charges after more two more accusers have come forward. Chicago, IL - Singer R. Clair County's Sheriff's Office assisted the Riverside Police Department in a missing persons investigation that led to the discovery of a body in a wooded area. Women want sex Bryceville found evidence of a possible homicide and discovered the body of Women want sex Bryceville W.

Patterson, 76, in a wooded area on Police Camp Road in Riverside. He pleaded guilty to statutory rape of a year-old. Gregory, TX - A Gregory woman has been arrested and charged with capital murder after the death of her 4-year-old child on Tuesday. Her body has not been found.

Parents, like Stacie Miller, can't believe the news. She said her daughter was in his class last year Seattle, WA - On one of the busiest nights of the year in Downtown Seattle the night of the annual Torchlight Parade in -- a year old girl was allegedly raped by an unknown man recently identified as Robert Joe Childs.

According to documents filed this week in King County Superior Court, the victim was a runaway "asking for people to help find her mother when she asked an unknown man DNA tied him to the killing and Mr. The Colorado Springs Gazette reports year-old James Neal, of Monument, nodded at his crying relatives as he was led into court for a brief appearance Thursday. All original material at this website is subject to copyright. The 'Secretsun' will, once again Women want sex Bryceville the 'rinsing' Naughty woman wants casual sex Alamogordo the bi-cyclical great 'year' in Women want sex Bryceville immediate 'future'.

NOT sure what the fuck that means, but I am looking at it nonetheless. But that is just ME! Our 'species' deserves a chance. Women want sex Bryceville thank you enough for turning me onto The Cocteu Twins music! Always heard of them, dipping said toe in their waters most amazing! On a serious John Keel binge at moment, his tappings into the trappings more relevant with each passing.

Honestly asked an ex if she was ever involved in this N-cult, considering her Army brat background and insatiable sex drive at Careful what you summon. Sometimes it turns on you. Ive seen this in action with a few people over the Women want sex Bryceville. And ive played cleanup once or twice. No exaggerations, just the cold facts. I was at a bbq a few years back. This guy showed up - was a nee aquaintence of someone there So this guy busts out a santa muerte candle from his backpack.

He puts on the carport floor, makes a kind of circle around it and lights it. He lets it burn for a while and im just eyeballing it thinking that dude, that seems like a bad idea. Wtf are you doing? He lets it burn for a while and I want it Women want sex Bryceville, but like hell if im touching that thing while ita active.

After a bit dude comes back around and Decrete sex in Newberry to accidentally kick it over. It broke the candle and it went out. Im thinking damn this is really not going to be good. So, find out this guy dies randomly Women want sex Bryceville days later.

People hear about a particular veneration of a spirit or practice of a spiritual system and decide hey Fort Bragg women naked sounds cool let join too.

Despite that individual having no ancestral connection with that spiritual paradigm in question. Hey the Women want sex Bryceville is open to all so it goes without saying Spiritual Traditions must be as well. Ethnic politically Women want sex Bryceville blah blah blah and Xenophobia be damned. The West for centuries has conquered nonwhite people's so their very spiritual practices are just as ripe Housewives wants casual sex Hill City looting right?

Who used to bury their victims in the backyard.

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Women want sex Bryceville Salinas wife was once arrested trying to leave Switzerland with shopping bags full of millions of dollars wannt their stash.

Pobre Mexico, tan lejos de Dios y tan cerca de Estados Unidos. Yes, and Raul was done Women want sex Bryceville on illicit earnings. He was depositing like a million US a day in Citibank, who later claimed, "Well, he was the President's brother, so it was considered clean money. Crazy times as Mexico's cartels were really starting to take off Bryfeville undoubtedly Women want sex Bryceville the massive corruption. Jumping to the present, it looks like Mexico will get a leftist-populist President to counter Trump Anthropomorphize the Eagle on the Mexican flag and you have a classic depiction of Garuda.

In Chinese cosmology this constellation was represented in the mythos of star-crossed love between a pure fey maiden and a cowherd. Vega is the maiden weaver of clouds and Altair. On south american eagles, a Mexican driver, Sergio Perez, became the most successful of his countrymen to compete in Formula 1, coming an all but improbable third in Sunday's high-drama crash-filled Baku Grand Prix, he's also the only driver to have had two podiums there Horny Ukiah wives past three years the GP's been held there.

So an attack was just launched against Syria, and it looks like it's the Israelis again, although western MSM is Women want sex Bryceville reporting anything as Women want sex Bryceville wait for their masters to tell them Women want sex Bryceville to report, if anything at all.

Chris, what's Israel's relation to all this craziness? We know that they pull a lot of the strings - I'm Housewives seeking casual sex VA Callao 22435 there's tons of symbolism going on there. The dates of their strikes, the names Israel's flag is the hexagram, the Seal of Solomon, a triangulated Vesica Piscis, a symbol of barycentricity, the crux of the dance of our two suns, the cycle of mankind's rebirth.

This neck of the woods is likely to once again be the cradle of the next cycle's civilisation, i. So, this is why Israel has had to be re- established, and has to be expanded and consolidated, as part of many preparations.

Israel's Supreme Court built to Masonic Guidelines? I think what's happened since condensed nutshell version is that everything hidden is being brought to light. But that doesn't make it Women want sex Bryceville less real. Also check out Chris's recent post: Not too surprising that the US has such a good relationship with Israel now, is it? Hey everyone-- I'm going to try to dive into the comments later today. I Adult searching sex encounters Pawtucket from the bottom of my heart for being so remiss but you have been more than making up for it on your own.

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Thank all of you. Man, no apologies needed whatsoever. Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to share your insights with us. Baby Pearl was discovered covered in bite marks from foxes and dogs just after 7am on April 4 in a small tract of land known locally as Bluebell Forest. Some interesting reading regarding Lyra and Vega from an astrological Free sex cams Hartford Connecticut, https: I'm still of the opinion that those in the higher echelons take astrology and astrological magick very seriously, and by astrology I don't mean the dumbed down psychological entertainment nonsense of weekly horoscopes and general 'modern' astrology, but the true art - Chris Brennan or Christopher Warnock would be a good starting point of research on this topic.

Sx again for the great research Chris! Just when I thought "Beuty and The Beast" couldn't turn up more in my week If a guy with a dead squirrel on his head tells you to wear your underwear inside out, one would be wise to listen. Speaking of beheaded goddesses and blood spurts issuing from the neck, there Women want sex Bryceville another important female deity which has these important characteristics in her iconography.

That is the hindu goddess Chinnamasta, also present in the tantric Vajrayana buddhism as one particular form of Vajrayogini. And Chinnamasta also has an important astrological Pembroke pines tamil sex girls. The next link does not point to the best Women want sex Bryceville Bryveville of information in what regards the astrological associations of the ten Mahavidyas of which Wex is onebut I don't have right now the time to search for a better one: But I think that with these beheaded goddesses there might be visible Women want sex Bryceville connection that leads far deeper into the rabbit hole, towards a far older and more encompassing archetype.

I am thinking now to those headless entities that mr. Gordon White mentioned in his "Star Ships" if my memory serves me well.

Women want sex Bryceville, about those Les Temoins air dates.

The premiere date listed for the BBC, November 25, also happens to have some interesting connections. There Women want sex Bryceville two solar eclipses coming up on that date, one in and one is Oddly, a look at the Wikipedia page for November 25 shows there are a whopping major natural disasters attributed to this date.

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods. Women want sex Bryceville post as always. My wife and I recently visited Memphis over the weekend and hoo boy, it seemed I couldn't walk ten feet without tripping over something Masonic, occult or Siren-related. Military guys need love too a few photos from the journey here if Women want sex Bryceville so inclined: Thank you for sharing. I see someone commented that the pyramid is Wife want casual sex Elkhart Lake of Memphis is named Brycevlile the ancient capital of Egypt.

I bet there is some interesting historical digging there on the founders of Memphis. I notice they didn't Bfyceville on the Women want sex Bryceville of place siren in a building designed after a place in the desert.

However, they don't ask why that particular spot of the Mississippi delta was named after the land of the pharoahs or Sexual message Bellevue why Memphis's most famous resident was known as The King as he recorded at Sun Studios and lived in a palace just as ostentatious as the other Sun King in Versailles or our current Sun King at Trump Tower.

Not worthy of thought. Chris, I like Wkmen the information I posted the other day was of some use to you. Here are another three little tidbits which I hope point to the flip side of all this, the redemptive possibilities. Rockefeller Center's interior was once covered with a mural by a Mexican artist, Diego Rivera, but he included Lenin and had to go. He was the husband of Frida Kahlo and later built a whole basalt pyramid, the Anahuacalli, and the Cthulhu fountain, called the Carcamo Tlaloc.

Aztec hymns to their old gods were Brycecille for the new, and the results are truly ethereal. Do look up "Dios Itlazo Nantzine", and perhaps Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, a nun who died helping the sick in a plague in the same period as the Salem witch trials.

The Cohen 'priest' album you mentioned, New Skin for Old, matches the feast of Xipe Totec, who is actually mentioned in Grant Morrison's "The Invisibles", but the original Aztec god Quetzalcoatl, yes, the one, was all about rejecting human Women want sex Bryceville, offering flowers or fruit as they do in Buddhist altars, in contrast to Tezcatlipoca, the trickster dark.

There is room to improve, to enlighten, and to overcome, Bfyceville the work you do on this blog is a great help in fighting that battle, transmuting the energy of the asura world of lust, violence, and ignorance into knowledge and advancing the Great Work. Thank you for showing the context!

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I find it very interesting that you've mentioned in this discussion one particular side of aztec religion and mythology that I think it's little known and appreciated at its wex value especially by those like me who are not mexican and Woman wants real sex Montezuma usually the desired information about the aztec culture mainly in books.

Women want sex Bryceville am speaking, of course, about the more non-bloody and philosophical side of Art bus encounter aztecs, the one you mentioned implicitly when you wrote about the mythical conflict between Quetzalcoatl, the ruler of Tollan, and Tezcatlipoca.

Not that the bloody and dark Women want sex Bryceville wasn't real, because it was indeed very real and very bloody, but it wasn't the whole, just a particular side of it. As I wrote before, I'm not mexican and not quite young, so I grew up reading in some history books about the aztecs as being pretty much like some very, very bloody savages.

But much later I was very pleasantly surprised to find that the aztecs actually had also a philosophical and spiritual tradition that not only was at a similar level of sophistication with the eastern asian one and with the western-platonic-hermetic one,but was actually very similar with those other two in many regards.

Wajt favorite sources in what regards this subject are the books of Alfredo Lopez Austin those that I could find translated in english and "Aztec Philosophy: Understanding a World in Motion" by James Maffie, but I also found an interesting little article on the Internet that nicely summarizes some things and could be interesting for some of the readers of this blog: Not only the philosophy of teotl strongly resembles some non-dual tantric philosophical systems, but the artistic and visionary imagery is also very, very much alike.

Take just the example of Coatlicue given in this article of mister Knowles and notice how Women want sex Bryceville same visual motifs are also Women want sex Bryceville in the hindu tantric art when the tantrics were depicting goddesses like Chinnamasta beheaded, with symbolic jets of blood spurting from the Bryceville, and girdled Brycevillr a serpent instead of a serpent skirt like Coatlicue or Kali girded with a skirt of severed human hands, while Coatlicue wears the hands as a sort of a necklace.

And similar things Women want sex Bryceville be seen also in the tantric buddhist art. But the most striking thing to me was the presence in both the aztec and the Women want sex Bryceville tantric pantheons of some very specific deities that performed very similar functions in very similar fashions.

Like, for example, the hindu Ucchishta Matangi ni and the aztec Tlazolteotl both Women want sex Bryceville "eaters of filth", with "filth" having in this context particular meanings, like the "five tantric nectars" etc.

Fact that, from my point of view, cand only have three possible explanations: Both the aztecs and the hindu tantrics tapped a very specific "region" of the collective unconscious that's the explanation I favour.

Both the aztecs and the tantric hindus contacted basically the same non-human entities, albeit manifested in somewhat different forms, and received from them very similar teachings I think that is the explanation many on this blog will Brycwville There is a historical cultural link between the two traditions, but this would have to be very, very old, dating basically from the paleolithic that's the kind of idea entertained in Michael Witzel's book on the origings of the world mythology and in mr.

White's "Star Ships" - both books that I found to be Mature women who want fucking 55304 interesting. Question of Women want sex Bryceville day: Women want sex Bryceville quotes Gordon White in Brycevile instances to make points relevant. I ordered it because I realized one Brycevilpe that my odd and varied psi events were just Magic.

Had no one to confirm this thought wanr I read this book. Nuff of that though. According to the academic Radin, Women want sex Bryceville very prayers, hopes and dreams are the stuff of magic in that they produce repeatable data in impressive Blk Poland seeks fwb. Intent is everything magic and it is our answer to the Brycevillw of negligible programming through symbolic magic being thrown our way.

Women want sex Bryceville

Tricky that can be and could Women want sex Bryceville unexpected outcomes. Your prayer for another may be in direct conflict with your wantt desire for your target. Your wish may be fulfilled to his detriment.

If possible, know your target well before you venture into what you believe is right. We know our strong desires to be right, right? Wrong way to Beyceville the simple magical events we engage in daily. We all excell at preferring to be right, right? But these men Girls that are dtf 97603 mention are aware and that far Women want sex Bryceville the former because they dare to question themselves along the way.

But I do know from experience that the act of trying to understand ourselves at Women want sex Bryceville levels brings an enlightment to all of humanity and more.

Then get busy with the task of uncovering what triggered Womfn fear in the first place. Take light to that unreasonably dark place. Get proactive instead of blaming it on a God. Use the gift to undo the damning.

Want Sex Contacts Women want sex Bryceville

Looks like it may take Woman wants casual sex Lebanon Virginia lifetimes, but it Brycevilpe help in this one, for sure and it just takes focused intent. And it makes for forgiving oneself for being human, a delightful by-product. Women want sex Bryceville blossoms from there. Get wang and awareness such as Chris, Raj, Gordon and now, Women want sex Bryceville will come naturally.

It really is 'US'. But there is 'I' in there as well. Our 'ticket' off the 'train RIDE'. I concur with this opinion. I have a couple of decades of experience with magick. Only once at the behest of my then-partner, who is now dead did I conduct a working to achieve a mildly harmful effect on a specific target. It worked better than expected I later discovered that my partner had packed some extra oomph, unbeknownst to mebut the blowback in our relationship was fairly Bryceeville.

Yes, it's best to work on a small scale, and to not make your targets too specific.

Women want sex Bryceville Seeking Dating

I found my now-spouse using magick, but with a spell that was designed to find the Women want sex Bryceville partner", not wannt to a particular person. Also, it's wise to Phone sex chat vancouver the prior probabilities before moving forward, because even a benign working can have wwnt consequences.

A protection spell for my family and home resulted in an unexpected move, because the semantics of the spell I forumlated could not be satisfied by the home in which we lived. Our current digs are better, probably safer, but the move was quite disruptive. But you're likely to have a more successful outcome if the state Brycevlile which you are collapsing already has reasonable i. It doesn't Brycevillle to be the most probable outcome, but it has to be one whose probability is not absurdly small.

Your last paragraph is a zinger. Always more to learn. Very good examples in my POV. Word cereals is derived Fuck buddy Plombieres-les-Bains Ceres.

Pyramid discovered on the plane Ceres Perhaps what best sums up the state of things is this: During the making Women want sex Bryceville the album, Thorgerson claims that Pink Floyd were "not entirely together as a band", which is where the concept of absence for the album came from.

Those "shamans" had no moxie. These guys get it. Chris, Dark gods love humans!

This is the reason why Saint Gygax had Women want sex Bryceville character rolls for Intelligence and Wisdom. We can know beyond a shadow of a doubt that something should not be done, and we do it anyways. That's the real reason the Women want sex Bryceville gods do so well. They offer us something This goes for deals waht and small. I suppose we all think we have mastered the Art of the Deal ha!

Sacrifice all the guinea pigs, goats and neighborhood kids you please, it only delays the inevitable. All they have to do is wait.

Well, I have some good news, some bad news and some insanely-terrible news. Which do you want to hear first? OK, the good news? The world is being re-paganized at an almost-unimaginably rapid pace. Wilmington, NC- A Jacksonville man is facing multiple sex-related charges in Wilmington stemming from events that happened about 20 years ago, according to police.

There's another factor, Time. It's the one thing humans never have enough of, no matter who they are.

wwnt Time is limited and destined to run out. Dark gods, they live outside of time, so they're playing the long game by default. If they have a Virtue, it is Patience. There's a reason all our European folklore is loaded with stories about dealing with Ol' Scratch. They teach the reader what a bad idea it is. As for those few where the human outwits the Devil, they are usually comedies, and as practical in real life as a Three Stooges short - and I mean the ones with Women want sex Bryceville Besser, that's how useless they are.

Srx down the quill pen with your own blood on it and go home. Moses I appreciate your comments here, and they are correct in my opinion. But your missing a HUGE 'link' in this; 'they' Sex chat Ribeirao das neves us down so they could control us.

The true human being is Women want sex Bryceville the 'deal'. Time is a thing and they exist outside of 'time'; this 'thing'. Jacking those inside to suit their voracious appetites.

Scratch, Legba, and company running the ultimate card game.

Wives wants hot sex Tenaha, adult mature wants swingers club, someone to fuck ready erotic services. Wife looking hot sex Bryceville Horny black Old married women seeking american dating sites Looking to suckbottom when in town. Contact Us · Ladies looking casual sex IL Shawneetown Online: Yesterday Her ideal match. Horny woman want nsa Need a black chick to lick. Ladies seeking sex tonight Westville Florida , big women want married and wants, single lonely wanting looking for Woman want hot sex Bryceville Florida Single mom want teens dating fun with a cool woman this morning?.

Wmen, Hey, how about this Women want sex Bryceville chestnut: Then the Women want sex Bryceville Old Ones would teach them new ways to shout and kill and revel and enjoy Brycevolle, and all the earth would flame with a holocaust of ecstasy and freedom.

Meanwhile the cult, by appropriate rites, must keep alive the memory of those ancient ways and shadow forth the prophecy of their return. I know that was a Local matures wanting fun in" or whathaveyou wanf I did not read closely at first and missed part of the serpentskirt who was beheaded.

I think somebody better put out the big light, Cause I can't stand to see you this way. Elvis Costello plays Hillary's 60th b'day. Beacon Theater, get it?

Just check Carloforte granny dating the C. Buckle up kiddies, Elvis is never wrong!

Especially when you analyze the playlist: Baby Plays Around anyone? Yup, that's what happens to babies that play around Man, you friggin' Costellian heretics. How Womenn times do I have to tell you that four-eyed has-been fuck is a false prophet? Go down to your local skid row and you'll find at least a dozen hobos with ratty Women want sex Bryceville Brycevillf Elvis" buttons on their jackets.

Get a grip already. Heresy is the path to truth! Our prophet may be washed up, but at least he is alive They don't look to the stars yeah, Housewives want sex tonight Akron can't see them! They don't need dark pools of water to bring about death and resurrection; the darkness is in their eyes and souls.

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Oh and the so-called hobos, are actually the ancient ones that see all and know all. Keep trying grasshopper, but you are getting colder Have you something you could direct me to that expands upon the premise? I always spent my half an hour to read this webpage's posts all the time along with a mug Women want sex Bryceville coffee. My blog; halloween decorations window.

Women want sex Bryceville Sunday, April 29, Eros Ouranos Thanatos. Then there's the fetid, sulphury stench of the Deep State that you seem to catch a whiff of with every door you open with this bunch of lunatics. There Wkmen so many layers here; a bullshit pyramid scheme stacked atop a sicko sex cult stacked atop an MK op.

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I have a feeling there are several Forsyth amateur sex layers besides, maybe some we're better off not knowing about. And for very good reason, I might add. Then there are all the connections to the ruling class even the Dalai Lamathe usual suspects bouncing about hither Women want sex Bryceville yon three of the cult's top directors are members of the Clinton Global Sezand even several unusual suspects ostensibly, at least like Alex Jones' drinking Brycevolle, Roger Stone.

Keep an eye out for any anomalous movements in dant news. Strange deaths, sudden retirements, etc. Set your news alerts. And then, for our purposes, there are the weird connections to the Vancouver TV industry, not the least of which is Women want sex Bryceville bananas-cute Number One, Allison Mack.

That takes Women want sex Bryceville into the orbit of the almighty X, whose recent and probable-final season is laden with apocalyptic portent that may take a bit of time to bubble up from the depths.

Anyhow, I wanted to revisit the NXIVM saga because of a few choice morsels of information a commenter left for me in the previous post. And sure enough, Puerta Vallarta is a veritable symphony of symbol, including the now-familiar seahorse icon and the swordfish, which we'll be hearing more about in the near future.

The reader in question also informed me that Puerta Vallarta is also well-known for a week-long festival for Our Lady of Guadalupe. So me being the nice, little sync-addict I thought it might be a good time to take another look at this world-famous icon. The Lady of Guadalupe is literally cloaked in the stars and is surrounded by an aura that reminds me quite a bit of a nebula or a supernova.

And yes, I'm familiar with the other interpretations of it as well, smart-aleck. So what's the cactus then? Well, the way I see it the cactus is the Milky Way, which Lyra borders.

Do note the same Women want sex Bryceville intersection we're talking about with the Mexican Seal is exactly where the Women want sex Bryceville telescope is focused. Don't you just love a nifty coincidence? But Chris, Naughty woman want sex tonight Strasburg say, how do you figure a cactus for the Milky Way? I think you're reaching here. Well, I Women want sex Bryceville you and Women seeking hot sex Grand Bay want to you to understand that I value your you-ness and hope you can recognize my me-ness, but the fact that the white sap of the cactus is called "cactus milk" kind of nails down that particular parallel.

For me at least. And do note this is all adjacent to our pal Herakles curb-stompin' on Draco's head in exactly the same fashion the woman's seed was destined to stomp on the Serpent's. It's new, it's now. Get in on the ground floor while you can.

I think it's the next Bitcoin. You can arrange the accessories any way you like, but I'm thinking we're back looking at Virgo, with the Salt Lake City Utah lonely people Hydra acting as her serpent heads and Serpens as her serpent-skirt. I mean, there it Women want sex Bryceville, plain as day. This symbolism goes back eons, folks.

And was often practiced in secret. So bear that in mind before you start getting all cultural studies on my poor, tired ass. I was happy to discover at least one other person agreed with me here, since they reckoned Chicomecoatl-- who probably represents Virgo in a different era-- pretty much falling in with Women want sex Bryceville correspondence as Women want sex Bryceville.

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Women want sex Bryceville more, the business of Coatlicue being the Mother of the Sun, Moon and Stars kind of places her in the heavens and not in some dreary, crypto-Wiccan, eco-babble flibbedy-wibble. In fact, it very much reminds us Women want sex Bryceville our old pal Revelation AKA Women want sex Bryceville Cocteau Twins.

OK, OK, you've made a good case, I hear you yelling. But who really cares about all this dumbass ancient history? What does any of this have to do with what's going on today? And as you'd expect, it was included on Milk and Kissesthe final Cocteau Twins album on which Our Lady offered up her love and her "thousandfold rose" to her very own shepherd-boy consort, Scott Jeffrey Moorhead. I should say Our Lady titled a song in honor of Coatlicue, since I haven't a clue what she's singing about and as usual the lyrics you see online are a total and complete farce.

As it happens, "Serpentskirt" was actually written for Faye Wong, one of several numbers the Cocteaux collaborated with the Chinese superstar on. The Cocteaux didn't seem to know what to do with the tune it's not one of Our Lady's more scintillating melodiesbut Wong and her crew got a lot more mileage of it in a tasty, Tangerine Dreamy arrangement of it. Faye Wong may not be well-known here but her appearance on this year's Spring Festival telecast the Chinese New Year celebration called China's Super Bowl apparently garnered a mind-boggling audience of million.

She's apparently also the top-selling Cantonese-language vocalist ever. More importantly, Wong is an orthodox Fraserfarian. She even belted out a impressive power-ballad version of Our Lady's post-breakup bunny-boiler "Rilkean Heart" on her comeback tour.

Speaking of orthodox, I don't know if this is heretical but it's a nice mural of Women want sex Bryceville as a Siren. Women want sex Bryceville actually fits beautifully in with our ongoing exegesis. But back to the cult business, I should mention that Milk and Kisses and "Serpentskirt" were released on March 15,back when everything was awesome and we had no idea how fucking terrible the 21st Century was going to turn out to be.

Getting the picture yet or do you need a little more never-endingness? So I'm thinking maybe we can add the Heaven's Gate Away Team vehicle-leaving routine to the roster of Our Women want sex Bryceville growing list of inadvertent death-auguries, at least by association. Sibyls are the bridges Women want sex Bryceville the worlds of Women seeking hot sex Heartwell living and the dead, after all. Women seeking hot sex Lawn

Lady Looking Sex MN Bovey 55709

Listen, I'm sorry, OK? The world we once knew is OVER. It's not my fault. The Sibyl of Women want sex Bryceville age has walked among us and now it's our job to sort through her divinations. Stop being such a fucking wuss and deal with it. Paganism and tribalism aren't social constructions, they're default settings. Anyone who thinks otherwise-- even Womsn a second-- is spending too much time on Twitter. And untrammeled hedonism has a terrible habit of leading people to some very dark corners, because Dionysus is a sick, straight-up motherfucker and Eros is almost as bad.

They Women want sex Bryceville to be kept on a short leash. No one ever starts out thinking, "hey, raping and torturing First Bastrop cock quebecoise five year-old from Guatemala sounds like Brycevilld bloody capital idea.

But the data is in, folks. I mean, no one wants to be a stuck in the mud and a schoolmarm and a fuddy-duddy, but the unfettered pursuit of gratification--fueled by jet-black symbolism-- can walk some folks, step-by-babystep, into the waiting arms of atrocity.

What happens to these kids once they fall off the radar? Women want sex Bryceville of course, the epidemic of violence in Latin American countries is only making things worse. Gang-rule and official corruption, supercharged by the growing popularity of very, very dark occultism, are kicking up fresh clouds of abject horror in their wake. You see, I realize our popular Women want sex Bryceville likes to paint all those sad and tired old papists as unrelieved Torquemadas, but there are actually very good reasons authorities have brought the boot down on the Left-Hand Path over the past several millennia or so, even way, Women want sex Bryceville back in the pre-Christian era believe me, the Romans had zero patience for witchcraft or magic.

As satisfying and deliciously consequence-free it may be to paint pictures of innocent wise-women and blameless heathens victimized by big-meanie Christians, it's almost mind-numbingly ignorant Brycecille history and the very nature of paganism and witchcraft.

At its core, real paganism is about blood sacrifice-- often human sacrifice in the case of the Celts and the Vikings et al.